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Security Update May 2017

31 May 2017

This month's update includes an update on the Security Centre Management Handbook and queries relating to live test papers.

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Update to the Security Centre Management Handbook 

Centres delivering the licence-linked BTEC Security qualifications are advised that the Security Centre Management Handbook has been updated. Please make sure you replace any earlier versions you have saved with this new version and familiarise yourself with the content. All changes are highlighted in yellow throughout the document for ease of reference.

View the updated Security Centre Management Handbook

Queries relating to live test papers

As noted on page 5 of the Centre Management Handbook, centres are reminded that if you have any feedback about our tests that you must not include the full question in your email enquiry. Tests, including individual test items, are considered secure materials, and questions themselves must not be sent via email.

If you wish to provide any feedback about our tests, please contact us at


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