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March 2023 Psychology Subject Update

9 March 2023

This update contains key news for teachers of Edexcel psychology courses.

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Extended response question training for GCSE and A Level Psychology

We have two live training events coming up at the end of March. Our A Level event at 4pm on Tuesday 28th March will follow on from our live training in November, continuing to focus on extended response questions and strategies for raising attainment in these. Our GCSE training at 4pm on Wednesday 29th March will also focus on extended response questions and will feature some feedback from the summer 2022 series.

Both events will involve some 'live marking' exercises during the training (with responses not shared in advance on this occasion, so teachers won't have any homework to do beforehand!). As with our A Level training last November we will make a re-recorded video version of both events available on our Subject Advisor Youtube channel in April. 

New  video resource for students and teachers of GCSE, A Level and IAL Psychology

We've been pleased with the amount of engagement with the small number of videos already uploaded to our new Youtube channel, and more are bing uploaded as I write this - do consider subscribing!

International A Level Psychology is about to get a dissection of a 20 mark gender bias essay question from last summer's exams and a series of short 'key messages from the 2022 summer series' exam feedback videos based on the examiners' reports.

New content is also being created for students and teachers of GCSE and A Level Psychology.

Finally, if you have ever struggled to locate questions and build useful practice papers using ExamWizard, or if you are unsure what ExamWizard is, I have recently made a breakthrough in my own understanding of how to use it and have just uploaded a video explainer!

Students' mental health and exams

Professor David Putwain of the School of Education at Liverpool John Moores University wrote a useful piece for the Ofqual blog back at the start of this academic year. It examines the way students feel when teachers talk to them about exams, and how best we can support them with the associated mental health challenges. As exams draw closer and the pressure on students mounts it's worth a look - see below.

We have previously advertised the BPS revision and coping with exam stress session on 30th March, but in case you missed it see below.


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