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Introduction to the new Psychology Subject Advisor

24 October 2022

This update is to introduce our new Psychology Subject Advisor.

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Tim Lawrence

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About me:

Hello, my name is Tim Lawrence and I’m very happy to introduce myself as your new Psychology Subject Advisor. Psychology was previously supported along with the other science courses, but this new post has now been created in order to improve the support for centres and teachers in providing the best psychology experience for their students. I will be supporting teachers of our UK and International A level and GCSE courses, and will also be working with my colleague Esther Trahearn to assist her in the support of BTEC Applied Psychology teachers.

I have worked in schools in the UK and internationally since 2001. I have taught psychology along with biology at A-level and science and computer science at GCSE, and have recently worked as an Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form. This has given me useful insights into what support learners and teachers need, and how a range of issues associated with preparing students for exams can be addressed.

I’m excited to be joining Pearson Edexcel and look forward to working closely with teachers of our psychology courses to identify and address training needs, and to develop and share resources.


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