December 2022 Psychology Subject Update | Pearson qualifications

December 2022 Psychology Subject Update

This update contains key news for teachers of Edexcel psychology courses.

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A Level psychology exam feedback resources

Our online exam feedback training in November was well attended and teachers asked very good technical questions in the Q&A. At the time we explained that we would need input from our senior examiners to fully answer many of these and would produce an 'FAQ' style document to share the responses – now available via the link below. We are now producing new video versions of the training, incorporating the guidance we have recently received from our examiners – Paper 1 feedback available now via the Youtube channel link below.

The Q&A document will, we hope, be useful to A Level teachers who were not able to attend the live event, as well as clarifying many of the points raised for those who did attend. We gave also produced a guide for students clarifying how many marks are available for each Assessment Objective for different types of A Level extended response question.

We were recently asked for the marks awarded to responses used in some of the past training available on the A Level Psychology qualification page - you can now download those responses below along with that training pack from 2019.

We have focused on A Level resources so far, but will be working to provide similar guidance and support for International A Level and GCSE psychology teachers in the New Year.

New resources produced for Edexcel A level psychology by Tutor2U.

Tutor2U have a large range of resources available to support A level psychology and have recently been producing new resources specifically for the Edexcel specification. While these have not been officially endorsed by Edexcel we recommend A Level teachers to take a look at them.

Free Webinars from the British Psychological Society

HOLD THE DATE: The 3rd and final webinar for the academic year 2022-23 from the Education and Training Board of the BPS – aimed at pre-university teachers and students – will be on 30 March 2023, at 4-6pm. The webinar’s title is Revision Strategies and Coping with Examination Stress. The aim is to cover strategies for coping with examination stress and anxiety, and there will be a presentation on a wide selection of revision techniques. The two presenters will be Deb Gajic and Lucinda Powell, both are active pre-university psychology teachers and educationalists.

We have previously advertised the free BPS webinar ‘Maths Anxiety and Statistics in Psychology’ on 9 February 2023 (4-6pm). You can find more information on this on the BPS Events webpage and the newly announced webinar will appear there shortly.


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