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Pearson BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice: March 2024 update

Fri Mar 01 11:24:00 UTC 2024

Read the latest information on BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice, including the latest news and key dates.

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Sample marked learner work

We have produced sample marked learner work with examiner commentary and tips for component 3. This includes low, medium and high-marked examples.

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Results for January series

You should have received the early moderation report and based on the feedback, made any adjustments to marks if you have chosen to.

The final results for the January series of internally assessed components for the BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice (2022) will be released to centres on 20 March 2024 with results being released to learners on 21 March 2024.

Entries for June 2024 series

Entries for the June 2024 series for internally assessed and externally assessed components need to be made by 21 February to avoid any late fees.

If learners have sat a component in the January series and you wish for them to resit the component in the June series you may make entries after results are issued on 21 March. You have until 29 March to make entries for these learners without any late fees.


Many of you will have learners who are completing the qualification for the first time. You will need to ensure you claim certification for these learners. There are detailed FAQs for how to do this.

Read the Certification FAQs

Key dates

Date Event
21 March 2024 Release of results to learners from December submission
15 May 2024 Submission deadline for marks and moderation sample for internally assessed components
15 May 2024 Deadline for upload of learner work for Component 3 external assessment
21 June 2024 Deadline for amending marks following moderator feedback (where necessary) for internal assessments May submission
22 August 2024 Release of results to learners from May internal and external component submissions

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