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A Level Music (2016) Further Wider Listening Ideas

Sun Aug 14 23:00:00 UTC 2016

This update includes some possible wider listening ideas to link to the set works for Edexcel A Level Music (2016).

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Included below are some suggestions on further listening pieces, albums, composers and artists that relate to each of the set works in the Edexcel A Level Music (2016). 

These are suggestions of pieces that you could use whilst teaching but it is not suggested in any way that they will be included on any exam papers as pieces of unfamiliar listening.

You may use these to help look at the wider aspects of the Areas of Study and how pieces of a similar era relate to the set works with any similarities or differences.

These are additional ideas to accompany the list of suggested wider listening included in the specification and you are free to choose which ever pieces you want from these lists or create your own wider listening suggestions.


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I hope you will find these suggestions useful in assisting your delivering of the new A Level.


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