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Edexcel GCSE Music: December 2022 update

Mon Dec 12 10:54:56 UTC 2022

Read the latest information on Edexcel GCSE Music, including key dates and latest news.

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Performance exemplars

We have published a resource to support with understanding the standards and applying difficulty levels to a diverse range of instruments. The exemplars have been taken from the 2022 series so will not meet the usual required four minutes. This is intended to be a growing resource to help support you with assessment decisions.

It is accessed via the Teaching Support tab on the GCSE Music subject page under 'Diverse Instruments Performance Exemplars'.

Access the performance exemplars

Access to Scripts

The free access to scripts service will close on Friday 16 December. If you want to download and save any scripts from your students summer 2022 exams then you will need to do this by Friday 16 December.

Scripts do not have examiner annotation on them. The marked script allows teachers to evaluate how the student performed on particular questions in relation to what they have been taught; the Principal Examiner's Report and the exemplars that we make available demonstrate how the mark scheme is applied.

If scripts have been marked "traditionally" (i.e. not online), centres will have to request them via the Post Results section of Edexcel Online as in previous exam series.

Key dates

Date Event
16 December 2022 Access To Scripts Copy (ATSC) deadline (this also applies to the free ATS portal - Script viewer)
21 February 2023 Deadline for entries in the June 2023 exam series
15 May 2023 Final date for submission of coursework marks and moderation samples
14 June 2023 1MU0/03 Appraising Exam

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