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Edexcel GCSE Music: November 2016 update

4 November 2016

Read the latest information on Edexcel GCSE Music, including key dates, latest news and training events.

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We are currently recruiting examiners for GCSE Music. If you would like to gain further insight in to the qualification and develop your skills further please apply to be an examiner.

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I will be holding a Q&A session for the new GCSE specification in Music via Facebook at
8.30 a.m. - 9 a.m. on Thursday 24 November. If you would like to ask any questions about the specifications please message the Pearson Music Facebook page.

Pearson Music Facebook page.


You will find event details for training on Performance and Composing units for GCSE (2009). We will have further training on the new specification next year.

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Key Dates

Date Event
21 February 2017 Deadline for entries in the June 2017 exam series
15 May 2017 Final date for submission of coursework marks and moderation samples
15 May 2017 Final date for submitting estimated grades
9 June 2017 Unit 3: Listening And Appraising Exam

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