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Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology: May 2017 update

15 May 2017

Read the latest information on Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology, including key dates, latest news and training events.

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You should now have submitted the coursework to your moderators and I hope that this process goes well for you all. I wish all of your students the best of luck in their exams in the summer series. Results will be released to centres on 16 August with results released to candidates on 17 August. You will be able to access the exam paper and mark scheme online by the end of July with the Examiner's report being available from results day.

After the summer 2017 results are published in August, centres will be able to view and download scripts which have been marked online free of charge from our Self-Service Portal via Edexcel Online.

The Self-Service Portal will be available until the final post-results deadline for each exam series:

  • Summer 2017 - Thursday 28 September

Customers should save and/or print any scripts they need for teaching and learning purposes before the post-results deadline.

Scripts do not have examiner annotation on them. The marked script allows teachers to evaluate how the student performed on particular questions in relation to what they have been taught; the Principal Examiner's Report and the exemplars that we make available demonstrate how the mark scheme is applied.

If scripts have been marked "traditionally" (i.e. not online), centres will have to request them via the Post Results section of Edexcel Online as in previous exam series.

These scripts will also be free of charge, but the final dates to request them are the same as the published JCQ Access to Scripts deadlines.

AS Music (2016) component 3 exam audio available as digital download

The audio for 8MU0/03 - Component 3: Appraising - in the new AS level Music qualification will be available for digital download this year. We have issued instructions on how to access this material in preparation for the exam.

Read the guidance on accessing the digital audio for AS level Music component 3 exam

Welsh language assessment for AS and A level Music Technology

We will continue to offer the opportunity for Welsh language assessment for A level Music Technology. The 2018 Information Manual will provide information about how to enter candidates for Welsh-medium assessment for Music Technology.


There are Getting Ready to Teach events for the new AS and A level in Music Technology. Please book a place on these events to find out the latest information and to examine the components in greater detail.

Book a place on a Getting Ready to Teach AS and A level Music Technology (2017) event

In the autumn term we will be holding free mocks marking training for the new A level Music specification to enable you to understand the requirements of component 3. 

Book a place on our free Mocks Marking Training for A level Music

Key Dates

Date Event
22 May 2017 6MU03 GCE Music (2008) Developing Musical Understanding exam
22 May 2017 8MU0/03 GCE AS Music (2016) Appraising exam
25 May 2017 6MT02 GCE Music Technology (2008) Listening and Analysing exam
1 June 2017 Briefs released online for AS level Music Technology (2017) 8MT0/01 Component 1 Recording for assessment in summer 2018
7 June 2017 6MT04 GCE Music Technology (2008) Analysing and Producing exam
19 June 2017 6MU06 GCE Music (2008) Further Musical Understanding exam
16 August 2017 Results available to centres through Edexcel Online
17 August 2017 Results released to candidates

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