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Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology: February 2017 update

24 February 2017

Read the latest information on Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology, including key dates, latest news and training events.

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Exemplars needed

We are looking for centres that would like to send us samples of work for composing that can be used as exemplars. We require compositions that have scores that are non-standard and use written commentaries or annotated screenshots from a DAW. The work can't be current live work but could be drafts or other compositions your students have completed. If you are interested in helping with this please contact us.

Amendments and corrections

We will be making a small amendment to the wording of the mark scheme for questions 6B and 6C in the AS level SAMs. This should read "Candidates must demonstrate an equal emphasis on demonstrating and applying musical knowledge (AO3) vs using analytical and appraising skills to make evaluative and critical judgements about music (AO4)."

There is an error in the Administrative Support Guide for the new AS level in Music (2016). The exam date is given as 9 June 2017 whereas the actual exam date is 22 May 2017. This is being corrected and an updated ASG will be online shortly.

Pre-recorded Feedback

There is now pre-recorded feedback online for all units from GCE Music Technology (2008) assessment in summer 2016. This will give you greater depth of understanding for each of the units.

See the pre-recorded feedback for GCE Music Technology (2008)


There are Getting Ready to Teach events for the new AS and A level in Music Technology. Please book a place on these events to find out the latest information and to examine the components in greater detail.

Book a place on a Getting Ready to Teach AS and A level Music Technology (2017) event

Key Dates

Date Event
1 April 2017 6MU05 GCE Music (2008) Technical Study briefs received by centres in hard copy format only
15 May 2017 Final date for submission of coursework marks and moderation samples
22 May 2017 6MU03 GCE Music (2008) Developing Musical Understanding exam
22 May 2017 8MU0/03 GCE AS Music (2016) Appraising exam
25 May 2017 6MT02 GCE Music Technology (2008) Listening and Analysing exam
1 June 2017 Briefs released online for AS level Music Technology (2017) 8MT0/01 Component 1 Recording for assessment in summer 2018
7 June 2017 6MT04 GCE Music Technology (2008) Analysing and Producing exam
19 June 2017 6MU06 GCE Music (2008) Further Musical Understanding exam

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