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Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology: April 2018 update

17 April 2018

Read the latest information on Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology, including key dates and latest news.

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The final date for submitting your candidates' work for the summer 2018 series is fast approaching. You must ensure that all candidate work reaches your examiners by 15 May.

A level Music

There are exemplars for Bach chorale briefs assessing technique available on the website. We have produced these to help centres understand the requirements in the new specification.

The briefs assessing technique should have arrived in your centres during March and will be held securely by your Exams Officer. The papers can only be opened when they are to be released to candidates to start the maximum six hours controlled conditions. If you think you don't have the papers in your centre please check with your Exams Officer first and then if you still don't have the papers please contact us.

It is a requirement to submit audio for both compositions and therefore your students will need to create an audio track of the brief assessing technique composition within the controlled conditions.

A level Music Technology

The brief for component 1: Recording will be released online on 1 June. This will be the brief for assessment in summer 2019. It will provide a list of 10 songs or artists to select for the recording task that must be completed in the academic year of certification.

The brief for component 2: Technology-based composition will be released on the website on 1 September.

Key Dates

Date Event
15 May 2018 Final date for submission of coursework, marks and moderation samples
22 May 2018 8MU0/03 AS level Music (2016): Appraising exam
22 May 2018 6MU03 AS level Music (2008): Developing Musical Understanding exam
24 May 2018 8MT0/03 AS level Music Technology (2017): Listening and analysing exam
24 May 2018 6MT02 AS level Music Technology (2008): Listening and Analysing exam
1 June 2018 8MT0/01 and 9MT0/01 AS and A level Music Technology (2017) Recording briefs released online for assessment in summer 2019
6 June 2018 8MT0/04 AS level Music Technology (2017): Producing and analysing exam
6 June 2018 6MT04 A level Music Technology (2008): Analysing and Producing exam
18 June 2018 9MU0/03 A level Music (2016): Appraising exam
15 August 2018 Results available to centres through Edexcel Online
16 August 2018 Results released to candidates

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