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BTEC Nationals in Music and Music Technology: July 2016 update

Mon Jul 18 13:18:42 UTC 2016

Read the latest information on BTEC Nationals in Music and Music Technology, including key dates.

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We are continuing to develop material to support you with delivering the new BTEC Nationals in Music Technology and have published some sample marked learner work for unit 2.

The smaller sizes of qualification for Music Technology are being developed and will be available for first teaching in September 2017. This will include a 360 Guided Learning Hour (GLH) Extended Certificate, which will be an Applied General qualification, and a 540 GLH Foundation Diploma, which will sit in the current Tech Level suite. 

The suite for BTEC Nationals in Music are going through the final phase of development and the full specification will appear online by the end of August. A new introductory guide has been published so that you can see the general structure of the qualifications within the suite.

Key Dates

Date Event
12 August 2016 Certificates will be in centres if 5 July 2016 reporting deadline met

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