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BTEC Firsts in Music and BTEC Tech Award in Music: January 2018 update

22 January 2018

Read the latest information on BTEC Firsts in Music, including key dates, latest news and resources.

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I hope that all your learners did well in the external assessments over the past few weeks. Results for these will be issued on 14 March 2018 and I wish everyone the best of luck.

Entries for the summer exam series need to be made by 28 March 2018 so please do keep this date in your minds as this will come around very quickly.

Centres should now have had contact from your Standards Verifier to arrange the sampling for this year. If you have not or have any queries about this please do contact me.

Key Dates

Date Event
14 March 2018 Release of results to centres and learners for January assessments
28 March 2018 Entry deadline for summer assessment window
11 April 2018 EAR1 and EAR2 deadline for January assessments
11 April 2018 Access to scripts - post review of marking deadline for January assessments
18 April 2018 Access to scripts - original deadline for January assessments
14 May 2018 Music - Unit 1: The Music Industry summer assessment
21 May 2018 Music - Unit 8: Music and Production Analysis summer assessment
6 June 2018 Access to scripts - copy deadline for January assessments

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