A Level Music Component 2 Briefs Assessing Technique

30 March 2023

This update is about the A level Music Briefs Assessing Technique controlled assessment.

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The Briefs Assessing Technique will be made available on the A Level Music qualification page under secure download (silver padlock), on Saturday 1 April 2023. The assessment window will also begin on this date.

You should have received the hard copy of the brief at your centre. The briefs should not be accessed before this date and must be kept securely until the controlled conditions begin for the maximum six-hours assessment.

The remix audio for candidates choosing Brief 4, will be made available on the A Level Music qualification page, on Saturday 1 April 2023.

Edexcel Online Account

Please note an Edexcel online account is required to access the secure files.

If you have forgotten your Edexcel Online password (or it has expired) you can generate a new one. Your username is usually your email address.


Full detailed guidance on the Briefs Assessing Technique and controlled conditions can be found in the following documents:

  • A Level Music specification, pages 37 to 54
  • A Level Music Administrative Support Guide, pages 13 and 14

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If you have any questions relating to this you can email us at teachingmusic@pearson.com


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