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2023 Assessment Arrangements and Grading

29 September 2022

Ofqual and DfE publish decisions on adaptations for exams in 2023 and the approach to grading in 2023.

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2023 Assessments

Both Ofqual and the Department for Education (DfE) have published decisions on arrangements for 2023.

Ofqual has published an article setting out the approach to grading for 2023. Ofqual’s aim for those sitting exams and assessments in 2023 is to return to results in line with those in pre-pandemic years, as the next step in getting back to normal.

DfE has published a statement setting out their decisions on adaptations for exams in 2023. 

DfE and Ofqual are jointly consulting on guidance to schools and colleges about gathering assessment evidence to support resilience in the general qualifications system. The guidance proposes schools and colleges gather evidence in a way that aligns with their normal arrangements for preparing students for exams. The consultation will close at 11.45pm on 20 October.

DfE has decided students taking GCSEs, AS and A levels will not be provided with advance information on the focus of exams next summer.


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