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November Series GCSE Advance Information Update

28 June 2022

November Series GCSE Advance Information Update

This update contains information on the advance information for the November exam series for Maths.

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Following the summer 2022 adaptations consultation, the Department for Education and Ofqual confirmed that advance information will also be provided for the November 2022 series of exams in GCSE English language and mathematics.

Where to access advance information

Direct link to the advance information document for GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Mathematics post-16 resit:

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The support pages have links to the exam aids/formula sheets as well as other valuable information and support.

For the GCSE mathematics exams in November 2022, formulae sheets will also be provided. These formulae sheets are the same as those provided for the summer 2022 series.

The advance information for November 2022 is different from the summer series and relates specifically to the November resit content. As with the summer 2022 advance information, it will provide information about the focus of some of the content that will be included in the November exam papers, to help students manage their exam preparation.

Further Support
Advance information should be read alongside the JCQ advance information teacher guidance, which helps to explain the principles behind it, and how to use it to support exam preparation.

To support progression, and students’ best possible performance in the examinations, they will want to revise the whole of the course, but advance information will help highlight where to focus more specific revision. It is important to note that the advance information will not cover everything that is to be assessed, and to ensure students have a good understanding of all the specification content. You can find out more about this in the on the following pages:


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