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GCE Mathematics (9MA0) Examination Papers Delivery Information

13 March 2020

From summer 2020 Pearson Edexcel will deliver the GCE Maths (9MA0) examination papers on the day before the timetabled day the examinations are due to be sat.

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GCE Mathematics (9MA0) Examination Papers Delivery Information
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We will only be doing this for GCE Maths (9MA0) to reduce the risk of a breach of materials ahead of the assessment being sat.

The changes mean that the question papers will be delivered by 12pm the day before the exams take place - all GCE Maths (9MA0) exams are scheduled to take place in the afternoon:

Examination Paper Examination Date Examination Paper Delivery Date
9MA0 01 - Mathematics: Pure Mathematics 1 3/06/20 2/06/20
9MA0 02 - Mathematics: Pure Mathematics 2 10/06/20 9/06/20
9MA0 03 -  Mathematics: Statistics & Mechanics 12/06/20 11/06/20

In addition to delivering selected question papers on the day before the examination, we will also be taking some additional steps to ensure that our confidential assessment materials remain secure. The actions that we are taking are based on the outcomes of the successfully trialled innovative ways of delivering materials securely.

At Pearson, fairness and security are integral principles that underpin our qualifications. We will continue to explore innovative ways to ensure that the integrity of our examinations is not compromised.

For any further questions, please contact us through any of our normal channels or the Customer Support Portal.

Hayley White
Assessment Director


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