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T Level October Update

Thu Oct 05 23:00:00 UTC 2023

Please find useful updates on general T Level issues as well as specific details about our Digital Production Design and Development offer.

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A Partial Achievement is where a student completes their industrial placement and passes either the Core or Occupational Specialism components but not both. 

Does the Student get a Grade or Certificate? 

No, the student doesn’t get a certificate but gets a Partial Pass on their statement of results 

So what do they get? 

They get UCAS points based upon the grade they achieve in the component they passed

The tables here show the UCAS points that go with the result for a grade in either Core or Occupational Specialism the final column, where possible,  is an approximate A level equivalent 

Core Grade UCAS Points A Level Equivalent
A* 84 C D D (note this is actually 80 pts)
A 72 D D D
B 60 D E E (note this is actually 56pts)
C 48 E E E
D 36 C (note C is actually 32pts)
E 24 D
Occupational Specialism Grade UCAS Points A Level Equivalent
Distinction 84 C D D (note this is actually 80 pts)
Merit 60 D E E (note this is actually 56pts)
Pass 48 E E E

Our Q&A Networks will restart in the Autumn term; you can book via our T Level Live Training page.

T Level Live Training Page

If you would like anything specific to be covered or have questions, then please ask in the Facebook Group or contact me directly.

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