Onscreen mock test for BTEC Firsts in ICT

7 March 2016

This subject update takes you through the nine-step process of installing and using the Sample Test Player to provide students with useful and meaningful mocks, and includes six tutorial films which can be seen or used at any time.

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With the introduction of external assessment in BTEC Firsts, Information and Creative Technology has on-demand, on-screen external assessment for Unit 1 and Unit 2. Other Sectors also have on-demand on-screen tests.

The following document provides background information on the external assessment and a useful command word reference:

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Using the onscreen mock test

1. Find and download the archive file

Find and download the archive file containing the:

  • Exam
  • Mark Scheme
  • Examiners report
  • Instructions for installing the Sample Test Player.

Make sure that you know where you saved the archive file.

2. Extract the contents of the archive file

3. Look carefully at the individual files in the archive

4. Install the Sample Test Player

Install the Sample Test Player using the instructions in the file called BTEC (NQF) Onscreen Test Player Instructions.pdf

5. Launch the first test

Launch the first test by double clicking the test package file called 20560E01.pkgx

Subsequent versions of the exam can be run now by double clicking - this is because the package files look for the Sample Test Player.

Once the Sample Test Player is installed, subsequent package files for other retired test versions can just be double clicked.

6. Run the exam

Run the exam and save the Report at the end.

7. Save the report

Save the report with a filename that includes the students name.

This is critical so that the student has a record of how the mock has gone, and you will be able to mark the remaining questions to give an overall mark to the student.

Use the Lead Examiner's Report and the Mark Scheme to assess the performance of the candidate.

8. Ensure the issues are understood

Ensure that the issues are understood by the candidate.

9. Download another retired test version

Download another retired test version, and re-run from 6 above.


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