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Functional Skills June Update

26 June 2023

Functional skills ICT are reaching end of life, the content below will provide background information and useful alternatives

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You might be aware that Functional Skills ICT is ending. The last registration date for Functional Skills ICT is the 31st August 2023 and the final external assessment and Standards Verification visit date is the 14th June 2024. The final certification date is the 31st August 2024.

This suite of qualifications is being replaced by Digital Functional Skills which is due to go live in September 2023. In addition to this, Essential Digital Skills will continue to be available for learners.

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See the Festival of Functionality Webpage

The Festival of Functionality covers the broad spectrum of all functional skills qualifications offered by Pearson. For this oif you who are interested in the ICT and its replacment please scroll down to the Events entitled ESOL, EDSQ and Digital FSQ events.


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