SPB Tracking Tool

8 March 2018

A tool to help you organise your assessment for the CiDA Level 2 Summative Project Briefs (SPB) and to generate the forms that can be sent to your moderator

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This tool is not a guarantee that your assessments will be perfect, or that the assessment that you provide for moderation will not be adjusted at moderation. It is however a way to standardise your approach across your cohort, and keep the assessments safe and secure enabling an easy solution to the generation of the Centre Assessment Sheets (CAS) documents required for submission of the samples to the moderator.

Remember that you will need to take responsibility for keeping backups of this tool as it will be a local document with data relevant to your students.

CAS is Centre Assessment Sheet, the document which accompanies your students evidence and which combines the centre assessment remarks along with the student and teacher authentication.

You will need MS Excel 2010 or newer, and you will need to enable macros. The file will need to be saved to a folder where you have read/write privilege.

The films below will take you through the basics of how the SPB Tracking tool works, including what to do when a new version is released so that you do not lose the assessment that you have already done.

  1. Opening the SPB Tracker and selecting your Unit
  2. How to capture and record assessment decisions
  3. Setting fields for populating your centres forms
  4. Getting individual student reports
  5. Publishing CAS forms for the Moderator
  6. Why not to remove student names
  7. How to reset SPB Tracker clearing all data
  8. Using a new version of the SPB Tracker

Please remember that the SPB Tracker is not developed by a large professional team of programmers. If you find problems please do let me know and I will endeavour to fix them. 


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