NEA Tracking Tool

1 February 2017

A tool to help you organise your assessment for the new GCSE in Computer Science NEA (not externally assessed) component.

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This tool is not a guarantee that your assessments will be perfect, or that the assessment that you provide for moderation will not be adjusted at moderation. It is however a way to standardise your approach across your cohort, and keep the assessments safe and secure enabling an easy solution to the generation of the NEAR documents required for NEA component submission.

NEAR is NEA Record, the document which accompanies your students evidence and which combines the centre assessment remarks along with the student declaration form.

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You will need MS Excel 2010 or newer, and you will need to enable macros. The file will need to be saved to a folder where you have read/write privilege.

The six films below will take you through the basics of how the NEA Tracking tool works, including what to do when a new version is released so that you do not lose the assessment that you have already done. (Captions are available)

  1. Introduction and the Main Menu
  2. Assessment and reset
  3. NEA Record (NEAR) generation
  4. Individual Reports
  5. Import Data into new version Tracker
  6. Preparing the NEA Report (NEAR) 
I have found this kind of tool really helped me with my assessment organisation, standardisation and practise when I worked at a large comprehensive school and so I have developed this version to help you. It might not suit your needs but I hope it is helpful to some.
Please remember that it is not developed by a large professional team of programmers. If you find problems please do let me know and I will endeavour to fix them. 

Part 1 of 6: Introduction and Main Menu

Part 2 of 6: Assessment and Reset

Part 3 of 6: NEA Record Report Building

Part 4 of 6: Individual Report

Part 5 of 6: Import your Assessment Data to a New Version

Part 6 of 6: Preparing the NEA Report (NEAR)


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