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Withdrawal of Level 1Level 2 Certificate in History

Thu Jun 25 10:59:00 UTC 2015

This update contains important information about the Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in History. 

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The Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in History is the International GCSE equivalent taken by some maintained sector schools in the UK.

Earlier this year, Nick Gibb (Minister of State for School Reform) announced that it won’t be possible to redevelop the current Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in History for inclusion in performance tables from 2018 onwards.

What does this mean for the Edexcel Certificate in History? 

Once the Edexcel Certificates no longer count in performance measures, they will also cease to attract funding. As a result, the qualifications can no longer be offered to schools and we are therefore withdrawing all our Edexcel Certificate qualifications.

This means that:

  • Final examination of the current Edexcel Certificate in History will take place in summer 2017.

  • Final recognition of Edexcel Certificate results in performance tables for History will be in summer 2017.

  • There will be no opportunity for students to sit Edexcel Certificate examinations for History in summer 2018.

  • From summer 2018 onwards, only GCSE qualifications in History will count in performance tables.

How does this affect the Edexcel International GCSE History qualification? 

We'd like to reassure you that the International GCSE in History is not affected by this decision. The qualifications will continue to be offered to independent schools in the UK as they have been since their inception. Currently, International GCSEs do not feature in official government performance measures, and this will continue to be the case. 

Learning more about the new GCSE (9-1)
qualification in History 

To discover more about the new GCSE (9-1) qualification in History, visit our new qualification page. Here, you’ll find the latest news and details of the new draft GCSE qualification your students may go on to take. 


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