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Using social media to share ideas and resources

Wed Nov 16 01:00:00 UTC 2016

In recent years social media has really taken off as a means of sharing teaching ideas and resources. It has been particularly useful in helping teachers to understand and teach the new GCSE and A level History specifications.

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Edexcel History Facebook groups 

Edexcel GCSE History (9-1)

One of our teachers has set up a support group on Facebook for teachers on our new Edexcel GCSE History (9-1) qualification.

This closed group has over 1,500 members all discussing the new specification and sharing ideas and resources via a google drive. 

Join the Edexcel GCSE History 2016 support group

Edexcel A level History

The same teacher has also set up an Edexcel A level History Facebook group which has around 350 members.

Join the Edexcel A level History support group

I am also available on these groups to notify teachers of any new resources and to answer questions.

History teachers on Twitter

If you want to see how useful Twitter is for History teachers then try searching for the hashtag #historyteacher.

If you’re new to Twitter then Russel Tarr has produced a list of History Teachers Active on Twitter

You can also get Edexcel History updates and ask me questions @Pearson_History

I hope you found this update useful. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


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