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New podcast on history of apartheid in South Africa

Fri Apr 28 16:04:00 UTC 2023

We are delighted to share with you a new seven-part podcast series on the history of apartheid in South Africa which will be useful for teachers and students who do this topic in our A level History specification.

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The podcast series has been produced for the Anti-Apartheid Legacy: Centre of Memory and Learning by Dr Natasha Robinson and Professor William Beinart, and is hosted by history teacher Ciara McCombe.

Each podcast is a conversation with an eminent historian of South Africa, focusing on a different decade or aspect of apartheid history. The content has been curated around the Pearson Edexcel A Level History specification, and is designed to be accessible to a wide audience. The podcasts are free to listen to.

In Episode 1 Ciara speaks to Professor Bernard Mbenga and Professor William Beinart about pre-colonial African states and settler colonialism in Southern Africa.

In Episode 2 Ciara speaks to Professor Saul Dubow about the National Party victory and the implementation of apartheid.

In Episode 3 Ciara speaks to Professor Tom Lodge about early protest under apartheid, the Defiance Campaign, the Treason Trial, the Freedom Charter, as well as the growing role of Sobukwe and Mandela.

In Episode 4 Ciara speaks to Professor Thula Simpson about apartheid and the anti-apartheid movement in its global context.

In Episode 5 Ciara speaks to Professor Hlonipha Mokoena about the radicalisation of resistance, the mental revolution, the Black Consciousness movement, and the ANC's move to armed struggle.

In Episode 6 Ciara speaks to Professor Colin Bundy about the end of apartheid and the political settlement.

In Episode 7 Ciara speaks to Professor Jeremy Seekings about the legacies of apartheid and what has been achieved since 1994.

HA conference 2023

We are also sponsoring a session at the Historical Association's 2023 conference in collaboration with the Anti-Apartheid Legacy on Teaching South African History at A level. Details of the session are below:

Teaching South African history at A-level: building subject knowledge and confidence

Ciara McCombe, St Claudine’s Catholic School for Girls, London
Caroline Kamana, Anti-Apartheid Legacy: Centre of Memory and Learning

Students have the chance to learn about apartheid-era South Africa as a depth study in the Pearson Edexcel A-level history specification, Route F: Searching for rights and freedoms in the twentieth century. Learning about this history is an avenue to develop student understanding in substantive concepts such as nationalism, democracy, protest, race, empire, and human rights. These concepts have gained attention in recent years because of strong contemporary resonances that lead to the heart of why we study history. However, most teachers are unlikely to have studied South African history at university, and will lack subject knowledge. This workshop is designed to help teachers find out more about the subject, discover new learning materials, and build their subject confidence.


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