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Introducing a new way to teach Middle East History at GCSE

Thu Feb 03 08:00:00 UTC 2022

We are pleased to share that we are partnering with specialist educational charity Parallel Histories to introduce a new way for young people to learn about Middle East history at GCSE level.

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The idea, which was conceived following input from leading historians, teachers and advocacy groups, will provide teachers and schools with a package of dynamic digital learning resources for the topic, consisting of primary source materials, videos and digital resources.

The new resources will be available in addition to our existing free Topic Booklet for GCSE History Conflict in the Middle East which provides:

  • Content guidance
  • Key terms
  • Content exemplification
  • Student timeline of dates and events
  • Suggested resources, including links to free resources, resources for students and resources for teachers.

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We are the only exam board to support the teaching of this topic at GCSE level and we hope that this new range of support can encourage more young people to learn about this important period of history.

The new support will be in place for teaching from September 2022 and replaces previous textbooks on this topic.


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