GCSE History Paper 3 Germany practice question

2 January 2024

This update is about the new Edexcel GCSE History Paper 3 Germany practice question which is now available on our website.

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Rationale for providing an alternative practice question 3

Source C in the Summer 2023 Germany paper originally contained two sections of the painting ‘Big City’ by Otto Dix. Having reviewed the source we have decided that it contains a stereotypical depiction which does not align with our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commitments. In light of this, and the feedback we have received from teachers regarding the package of sources and interpretations, we are providing an alternative practice question 3 parts a–d which centres will be able to use for mock exams. The question uses a fresh set of sources and interpretations.

Paper 3 Germany practice question now available

The new GCSE History Germany practice question 3 is now available on our website. This question can be used in mocks alongside the June 2023 paper questions 1 and 2.

The zipped file contains the following:

  • replacement Question 3 for the summer 2023 series Paper 3 Germany paper Section B, comprising Questions 3(a), (b), (c), and (d).
  • replacement sources/interpretations booklet
  • replacement Question 3 mark scheme
  • original summer 2023 question paper: cover, Q1 and Q2
  • original summer 2023 mark scheme: cover, introduction, Q1 and Q2.

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You will need an Edexcel Online account for any padlocked files, and your Edexcel Online administrator at your centre will be able to help you should you have any problems with your account.

Please note that this alternative practice question has been reviewed and is suitable for use as a mock question, but it has not been through the question development process that is applied to all live materials, including the usual language accessibility checks.

We hope you find this resource useful.


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