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GCSE History Autumn 2018 Network Event: replacement exemplar

22 July 2019

Last autumn term, we ran GCSE History network meetings on feedback from the summer 2018 series. After the first eight of these meetings, which took place up to 14 November, we replaced one of the exemplar answers in the pack that we provided to teachers at the event.

The new pack containing the replacement exemplar can be found below:

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A copy of the replacement exemplar answer is also provided:

View replacement exemplar answer

We have created this news item because we have become aware that the original exemplar answer on the Whitechapel historic environment, question 2a from June 2018, inadvertently used negative stereotypes to refer to Jewish immigrants to Whitechapel.

We apologise unreservedly for any unintentional offence caused by the inclusion of this exemplar. It was not appropriate for us to use a student exemplar answer that contained inaccurate and misleading mischaracterisation of Jewish immigrants. We have written to teachers who attended these network meetings to ask them not to use this exemplar for this question and instead use the replacement exemplar.

We would like to reassure you that we have reviewed our processes for the creation of network materials to ensure that this will not happen again.

If you have any questions, please contact our History subject advisor using the new ‘Contact Us’ form.


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