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May Subject Advisors Update

11 May 2023

The May update for Health and Social Care from your Subject Advisor

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Welcome to your May update. It's getting busy with exams and moderation. I hope you are able to enjoy the bank holidays.  Good luck to everyone!


Results days

The results days will be slightly differnet this year. Results will be sent to centres Exams Officers before they can be released to Learners. 

BTEC Nationals results will be sent to Exams Officers on 09/08/23, they can be released to Learners on 17/08/23. 

BTEC Firsts and Tech Award (2017) results will be released to Exams Officers on 16/08/23, they can be released to Learners on 24/08/23.

Results of the moderation for the new Tech Award (2022) will be released to centres on 23/08/23 and can be released to Learners on 24/08/23. 

Pearson and JCQ Confidentiality

It is really useful to help others by sharing information on social media. Please be aware of the Pearson and JCQ Regualtions. 

JCQ and Pearson regualtions expects that you not forward emails and letters from awarding body or JCQ personnel without prior consent to third parties or upload such correspondence onto social media sites and applications (including third party applications) such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc;

New and updated Tech Award 2022 page

The BTEC Tech Award page has been updated and now includes links to an Exams Officers page, a Moderation page and Quality Assurance, these have been produced specifically for the new Tech Award. The page is regularly updated with news and information so it is worth bookmarking it. 

BTEC Tech Award 2022

Become a Moderator for the BTEC Tech Award 2022

We are looking for people who are interested in becoming
moderators for the new Tech Award (all subjects).

If you are interested but would like to know more about the
role. There is a short video that will give you all the information you need to
decide if you are interested. 

Tech Award information session

If you are already an Assessment Associate and you are interested
in becoming a moderator for the Tech Award. You can complete an expression of interest form. 

Expression of interest

If you are not currently an Assessment Associate but would
like to apply to be a moderator for the Tech Award, you can complete an
application form. 

Application form


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