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FAQs for BTEC Nationals Health and Social Care - Unit 4

Frequently asked questions for the BTEC Nationals - Unit 4

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1. Do sources need to be Harvard referenced?

No, there is no requirement for Harvard referencing.

2.  Do sources need to be re-written in the Part B booklet?

No, the reference list needs to be retained by centres within the 4 sides of A4 notes.

3. How long do learners have to prepare for the Part B exam?

Learners have 8-10 hours of independent preparation time. They then have 6 hours of supervised preparation for the exam.

4. What do learners prepare in the 8-10 hours?

During the independent preparation time learners need to research secondary articles that relate to the article in the Part A booklet.

5. How many sides of notes can the learners produce in the 6 hours supervised session?

The learners can only produce 4 A4 sides of notes. These can be handwritten or typed in size 12 font.

6. What can learners notes contain?

The notes can contain:

  • Facts, figures and data relating to secondary sources covering the articles area of research.
  • The research methods used in the learner’s secondary research.

7. Where can I find more information?

There is more information in the Sample Assessment Material and Administrative support Guide.

8. Does the 6 hours need to be completed in one sitting?

 It can be completed in more than one sitting. Notes must be kept securely and the learners must not remove any materials between the sittings.

9. Can learners colour code their notes?

Yes, they can produce their notes however will help them the most.

10. Will there be a copy of the article in the Part B booklet?

Yes, there will be a copy of the article in Part B.

11. How many secondary sources do learners need to use?

There is no set amount that students must use. They need to use any sources that they feel are relevant and support their answers.

12. How do learners reference in their work?

Learners will need to use in-text referencing. See the Sample marked work for examples.

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