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April Subject Advisor Update

9 April 2024

The April update from your Subject Advisor for Health and Social Care

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Welcome to the April subject update. I hope you enjoyed your break and are ready for the last term before the summer. 

This update has information about the Tech Awards deadline change and information about the moderation window. There is more information about the the new AAQ Level 3 qualification and some key funding dates. 

BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care (2022)

Change in Deadline date for June Moderation

There has been an extension to the submission deadline for the upload of learner work for BTEC Tech Awards in the summer series to 15 May 2024. This change applies to internally assessed components for all Tech Awards and the externally assessed components in creative subjects. This 15 May submission deadline will remain in place for all May/June assessment series going forward.

The Learner Work Transfer (LWT) system opens on 15 April, so there’s no need to wait until the deadline to upload learner work; once LWT is live, you can upload learner work at any time until the 15 May deadline.

Tech Award Communication

It is straightforward to upload Learners work who are part of the sample. The Support Index will show you how to do this. 

Support Index

Level 3 Reforms Key Dates

The BTEC Nationals in Health and Social Care (2016) will be defunded and will have a last registration date of Summer 2025. This means the last cohort of students can be registered on the BTEC Nationals (2016) in September 2024. Any student who has started on the course will be funded to complete it.  There will not be the option to top up students onto the larger size qualification in September 2025. You can register students on the larger size of the qualification and drop them down to the smaller size. 

This is the same for the BTEC National in Applied Psychology. There will be no redeveloped Psychology. As an alternative , please look at the A-Level in Psychology. 

A-Level Psychology

BTEC National Health and Social Care (AAQ)

In September 2025 you will be able to start teaching the BTEC National Health and Social Care (AAQ). This is designed to be taught alongside 2 A-Levels.  We have produced the Specifcation and you can take a look at it and see the content.  It is in draft form as it is with the DfE for approval. 

Draft Specification

Subject advisor


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