Politics update - January 2017 | Pearson qualifications

Politics update - January 2017

30 January 2017

Pearson has re-submitted its Politics specifications and sample assessment material to Ofqual for accreditation. We have made changes in response to their feedback received in December 2016.

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The latest draft materials are live on this website, and any changes are highlighted.

These materials are still draft and subject to change. Below is a summary of the key changes.

Specification changes

  • For AS and A level we have amended the layout of Section 4 in UK Politics. There are now two sub-topics:
    • 4.1 Case studies of three key general elections
    • 4.2 The influence of the media
    • ‘class-based voting….other factors…gender, age, ethnicity and region…’ now need to be taught to support and explain the three general elections chosen, and do not have to be studied in their own right
  • Minor adjustments to glossary definitions

Assessment changes

  • A level Component 1, questions 1(a) and 1(b) and questions 2(a) and 2(b)
    • Amended sources to ensure divergent viewpoints so candidates can do a full
      comparative analysis; indicative content also amended
    • Amended question instructions and mark scheme rubric to ensure candidates demonstrate a balance of AO1 knowledge and understanding from the source and beyond the source in their answers, and that they do a comparative analysis
    • If candidates do not do a comparative analysis of the source and/or use a balance of AO1 from the source and beyond the source, then they will be limited to the top of level 2.
  • A level Component 2, questions 2(a) and 2(b)
  • Added new question instructions and mark scheme rubric so candidates must make synoptic points linking back to their knowledge and understanding from Component 1; if candidates do not make synoptic points then they cannot achieve in level 5.
  • The levels based mark schemes for the 24-mark political ideas questions have been amended so they now include five levels. This ensure they assess at the same standard as the 30-mark questions, but that they still reflect the narrower scope of content being used by students and what is therefore assessed. 
  • A level Component 3A and 3B, question 2
    • Added new question instructions and mark scheme rubric to ensure candidates ‘make relevant comparative theory/synoptic points’ in their answers, and that if they do not then they cannot achieve level 4.
  • Minor amendments to the levels based mark schemes throughout to correct errors
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