Submitting A level Geography NEA 2018

Fri Mar 23 13:00:00 UTC 2018

This update contains useful information for A level Geography teachers who are submitting NEA in Summer 2018. I know lots of you are very busy now preparing for first assessment and in particular marking the Independent Investigation so I’ll try and keep this short and sweet!

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Fieldwork statements for 2018 and beyond

Centres are required to provide evidence of fieldwork in the form of the written Fieldwork Statement. Please upload fieldwork statements for 2018 assessment and beyond directly to us online.

Please do not email these to us as we won’t be able to record your centre’s declaration this way any longer. Remember to compile details of any candidates missing fieldwork with exceptional circumstances attached in the same file. If you have already emailed in your 2018 fieldwork statement you will now need to upload it.

Marking the A level NEA

If you need guidance on marking the NEA make sure you watch our pre-recorded training:

Submitting the A level NEA

1. How do I submit marks via Edexcel Online by 15 May 2018?

2. Which candidates that are in my sample of work do you want me to send?

When you go to the coursework mark submission screen on edexcelonline there will be a tick next to the candidates' names that need to be sent for external moderation. You also need to send the work of the highest - and lowest - scoring candidates if they are not part of the requested sample.

If, for some reason, you're unable to send the work for a particular student, you should send the work of an equivalent student with a similar mark. You should also write a note to the moderator explaining the reason for the change.

3. Who is my moderator and what’s their address to send everything to?

4. What paperwork do I send?

The following should be sent to your external moderator by 15 May 2018:

  • just the sampled students’ final version of their Geography independent investigation form (aka Proposal Form) - it spans over two pages
  • just the sampled students’ mark sheets
  • a copy/print out of the whole cohort submitted marks on EOL.

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Free Support for 2019

Our unique optional coursework advisory service is for you to get feedback on the appropriateness of your students’ independently devised Independent Investigation Proposals. It is available all year round.

Please make sure you follow the instructions on how to submit to avoid disappointment, especially at busy times of year e.g. summer term.

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