Erratum Notice September 2017 | Pearson qualifications

Erratum Notice September 2017

7 September 2017

Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level qualification in:

Accounting (XAC11, YAC11)
Biology (XBI01, YBI01)
Business (XBS01, YBS01)
Chemistry (XCH01, YCH01)
Economics (XEC01, YEC01)
English Language (XEN01, YEN01)
Physics (XPH01, YPH01)

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Section D: Assessment and additional information
Resitting units

The resit statement in the specifications should read as follows:
Students can resit any unit irrespective of whether the qualification is to be cashed in. If a student resits a unit more than once, only the better of the two most recent attempts at an IAL unit will be available for aggregation to a qualification grade.

For further information please refer to IAL entry, aggregation and certification rules document on the IAL web page.


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