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British Esports Student Championships

7 September 2022

Registrations are now open for schools and colleges to take part in the Student Champs, and teams are able to register for the individual tournaments until the 21st September 2022.

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If you are teaching one of our BTEC Esports qualifications then you should consider entering your students into the British Esports Student Championships as it will help increase engagement with the course and provides practical application of learning linked to specific course units.

The Championships are open to all secondary schools, further education colleges and alternative provision schools in the UK. Institutes may enter multiple teams providing they have at least one dedicated PC per player (to account for playing vs their peers). It is recommended that new schools/ colleges register a maximum of one team per tournament, until they are more comfortable with the Championships and running esports teams.

Institutions with existing accounts can sign up to the individual tournaments in Overwatch 2, Rocket League, League of Legends, and VALORANT.

When do the tournaments take place?

The default match day is Wednesdays. Matches will be on a weekly basis, every Wednesday throughout the academic term. VALORANT will start at 3pm, and all the other titles will start at 4pm (OW2, LoL, RL). All participants should be ready and able to play at this time.

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How much does it cost to register for the Championships?

For Champs 2022-23, there will be updates to the pricing structure. The new costs will be as follows:

  • Champs school/college entry fee: £50 + VAT
  • Tournament credit (to enter a team into a tournament): £10 + VAT

Can students use their own game accounts to play games in the Championships?

This is up to the centre to decide – a lot of students who take part in the Championships use their own accounts so they can register achievements and be recognised online. But it is possible to use generic college accounts if you wish to do that.

Do all students in my centre need to play in the Championships?

No – not every learner needs to play in the team. Some could have other roles such as coaching, shoutcasting, branding and marketing of the school team etc.

More information about the British Esports Student Championships can be found via the British Esports website.

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