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Update on 2016 International GCSEs in English

16 May 2016

This update provides links to all the key documents for the 2016 International GCSE English specifications, along with details of training, resources and support.

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English International GCSE update

You can now access the final specifications, sample assessment materials and anthology for the 2016 International English GCSE specifications. You'll find them in the course materials tab on the English Language A, English Literature and English Language B International GCSE pages. These qualifications are for first teaching from September 2016 for UK schools. Non-UK schools may start teaching the 2016 specifications in September 2016 or in September 2017.

Reminder of first and last assessment opportunities

UK centres

Current (2012) specifications: Last sitting in May/June 2017 with a final resit-only sitting in January 2018.

2016 specifications: First sitting May/June 2018.

Non-UK centres

Current (2012) specifications: Last sitting in May/June 2018 with a final resit-only sitting in January 2019.

2016 specifications: First sitting May/June 2018.

Final specifications, sample assessment material and anthology

English Language B

We will be sending hard copies of these documents to you by July.

Free Getting Ready to Teach events

You can search and book events here:

English Language A

English Literature

Don't forget that you need 'training user' ticked (by your exams officer) in your Edexcel Online profile to be able to book training with your Edexcel Online login. If you don't have an account, you can follow the prompts to complete a booking form. If you don't have a centre number, email trainingbookings@pearson.com with details of the event (including course code) and your full details.


Free resources

We'll be adding Getting Started Guides, course planners, schemes of work, and exemplar materials to the 2016 web pages shortly.

How to order free copies of anthologies

Hard copies will be available to order by July using the Stationery Box facility.

You'll need your centre number and school postcode to log in.

1.    Log in.

2.    Select ‘stationery’ from the blue stripe across the top of the page.

3.    Click on the item you require.

4.    Click on specify quantities.

5.    Input the number you require.

6.    Click on ‘check out’.

7.    Enter your email details if you would like to receive an email confirmation of your order.

8.    Click on ‘Submit request for items and check out’.

New textbooks

The textbooks for English Language A and English Literature will be available in August 2016. The textbook for English Language B will be available in December 2016.

View sample pages here:

Eng Lang A: skills

Eng Lang A: poetry, prose and imaginative writing

Eng Lit: poetry

Eng Lit: Romeo and Juliet

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can non-UK centres change to the new specification in English Language in September 2016 and then change to the new English Literature specification a year later, or vice versa?

A. Yes, they can.

Q. What are the guided learning hours for the 2016 International GCSE specifications?

A. 120. There is no change from the current specifications.

I look forward to supporting you in moving from the current to the 2016 specifications.


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