UK International GCSE teachers: are you teaching the right specification for summer 2018?

Thu Nov 23 15:17:00 UTC 2017

This update reminds teachers delivering International GCSEs in English in the UK about the change to 9-1 specifications in summer 2018. This reminder does not apply to teachers delivering International GCSEs outside the UK. 

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January 2018: last ever sitting of 4EA0, 4EB0 and 4ET0 for UK centres

This is a reminder that the January 2018 exam series is the last ever sitting of the qualifications below for UK centres:

4EA0: International GCSE English Language, specification A
4EB0: International GCSE English Language, specification B
4ET0: International GCSE English Literature

UK centres are those located in England; the Channel Islands; the Isle of Man; Wales; Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In January 2018, students may use an option code to carry forward their coursework marks from a previous series. They may not submit new coursework.

There will be no carry forward of coursework marks from 4EA0 and 4ET0 to the 9-1 International GCSE specifications 4EA1, 4ET1 which have first sittings in summer 2018.

May/June 2018: first sitting of 4EA1, 4EB1 & 4ET1 for UK centres

In summer 2018, all students at UK centres wishing to sit an International GCSE in English Language or English Literature must be entered for the 9-1 International GCSE specifications:

4EA1: International GCSE English Language, specification A
4EB1: International GCSE English Language, specification B
4ET1: International GCSE English Literature

Entry deadline for summer 2018 exam series: 21 March 2018.


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