Details of arrangements for summer 2021 International GCSE in English Literature and Language exams | Pearson qualifications

Summer 2021 exam series: international GCSEs in English

14 September 2020

On 4 September 2021 we published the changes on the ‘Summer 2021 exam support’ tab on each of our International GCSE pages.

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Free online support session: Wednesday 16 September, 4-5pm GMT

If you would like to discuss the changes outlined below, please register for a free online support session this Wednesday 16 September at 4-5pm (GMT)

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International GCSE in English Literature (4ET1)

The change we have made to this qualification is that students will not be assessed on Anthology Poetry in Paper 1. Students will answer the usual question on unseen poetry and then their question on modern prose. The Paper 1 exam will last 1 hour and 20 minutes. Paper 2 or coursework are completely unchanged.

Please see details here

FAQs are available here

International GCSE in English Language A and B (4EA1 and 4EB1)

There are no changes other than that there is no requirement to make or submit recordings of the Spoken Language Endorsement (SLE) if your students sit this option.

As in summer 2020, SLE grades will not be monitored in 2021, therefore you will not be required to submit a sample of recordings. Please submit your students’ SLE grades in the normal way, via Edexcel Online.

We continue to accept the following arrangements:

  • a SLE presentation may be given in front of a single teacher, who can represent ‘the audience’. The SLE may be conducted by the teacher at any time during the course and by virtual means
  • the assessment record sheets may be signed digitally. These should be retained by the centre.

There are no other changes to 4EA1 and 4EB1.

Please see the details for 4EA1 and 4EB1.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


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