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Minor updates to the GCSE English Language 1EN2 (2.0) specification

22 September 2022

In response to feedback from teachers and in order to help students prepare for assessments, we have published a definitive list of the writing text types that will feature in Paper 1, Questions 7 and 8.

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Paper 1: Non-Fiction

The transactional text types that students will be asked to write are:
• article
• blog
• formal email
• letter
• report
• review
• text for a speech
• section for guide/textbook/leaflet/booklet.
The writing tasks may refer to a digital location for such texts, such as a website.
We have also made some very minor amendments to other parts of the specification to reflect how the sample for the Spoken Language Endorsement is submitted and for clarity. These are as follows.

Spoken Language Endorsement

The sections below have been updated to reflect the introduction of the Learner Work Transfer (LWT) portal to submit a sample of audio-visual recordings to Pearson:
1. Assessment record sheet
2. Guidance on making and submitting audio-visual recordings for the Spoken Language Endorsement.

Breakdown of Assessment Objectives

We have added a table to show the breakdown of Assessment Objectives by component.

Spoken Language Endorsement – Head of centre declaration

We have amended the final line to reflect that the submission of a sample of audio-visual recordings is now via the Learner Work Transfer (LWT) portal.

These updates will come into effect from the 1 September 2022 and are featured in issue 2 of the specification.

We value feedback and hope these changes help improve your students’ experience when sitting their exams.

If you need support with these changes, please contact Clare Haviland, the English Subject Advisor.


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