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Making entries for GCSE, AS and A level for summer 2021

29 January 2021

Although GCSE, AS and A level exams are not going ahead in summer 2021 in England, you still need to enter your students as usual by 21 February 2021.

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Please make exam entries for students who will be certificating in summer 2021 by 21 February 2021 as usual. This deadline is not affected by the outcomes of the DfE/Ofqual consultation on grading.

Entry Codes

GCSE, AS and A level are all linear qualifications. They have a single entry code (such as 1EN0 for GCSE English Language or 9ET0 for A level English Literature). Entries are not made at paper level. Simply make your entries for the whole qualification exactly as you would if your students were sitting exams.

GCSE English Literature

For GCSE English Literature, as previously advised, you make entries using one of the 2 codes:

  • Entry code 1ET0 N = Shakespeare, post 1914 text and 19th century novel
  • Entry code 1ET0 P = Shakespeare, post 1914 text and poetry

GCSE English Language

Use 1EN0 if students are entering a new SLE grade or 1EN0 T if you want the SLE result from a previous attempt at the qualification to be used.

A level

Use 9ET0 , 9EN0 or 9EL0. If a student was due to use the coursework marks from a previous series use the 'transfer' code as usual: 9ET0 T, 9EN0 T or 9EL0 T.

Modified papers

Your exams officer must also order 'modified papers' for these qualifications in summer 2021 as if your students were sitting the qualifications as usual. The deadline for orders is 31 January 2021 as usual. 'Modified papers' are papers produced in different fonts, colours or accessible pdfs. This does not relate to the adaptations made for GCSE, AS and A level before the government cancelled GCSE, AS and A level exams in England in summer 2021. We need to ensure that all assessment materials for summer 2021 are available in the formats that your students require.

Exams officers receive weekly updates reminding them of these updates. The request for modified paper orders was in the 16.12.20 EO update and the 27.1.21 EO update.

Teachers are free to sign up for weekly EO updates if they think they will be helpful for their particular school set up.

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