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January 2024 teaching English update

2 January 2024

A very happy New Year! I hope you’ve had time to rest and feel energised for the coming term.

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We have a great range of networks and courses such as: Achieving Grades 4 and 5; Targeting Grades 8 and 9; and Diversity in KS4 English Texts.

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Sample detailed course planners for A level Language and Literature

A teacher recently requested some examples of text-populated course planners, and another teacher has very generously shared theirs with us.

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English Language: any questions on pre-release materials for June 2024

A reminder that you have until 19 January 2024 to submit any queries about the pre-release materials.

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Spring 2024 A level networks

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Most Edexcel Online users are now successfully using our authenticator app when opening padlocked materials.

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I look forward to supporting you in 2024.


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