Int GCSE English Language A (4EA1 03) coursework in November 2023

Tue Oct 17 14:04:00 UTC 2023

This is a reminder to centres submitting coursework for Int GCSE English Language A for the November 2023 exam series of the correct format for Assignment A.

The submission deadline is 7 November 2023.

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Centres are reminded that November 2023 submissions of Assignment A: poetry and prose texts must follow the issue 5 specification. Students write on two texts from Part 2 of the anthology and submit a commentary.

Access the issue 5 specification

Teachers must submit the correct authentication sheet for this format.

Access the issue 5 authentication sheet

Students may not submit the ‘new format’ Assignment A described in the issue
6 specification in November 2023.

Access the issue 6 authentication sheet

If your students have completed the coursework in the wrong format, they need to redo the coursework in time for the 7 November 2023 submission deadline. If you require support with this issue, please contact Clare Haviland, English Subject Advisor.


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