November 2023 Engineering update | Pearson qualifications

November 2023 Engineering update

10 October 2023

Welcome to your November update for Engineering, keeping you up-to-date with the latest.

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Centre Standardisation Materials for BTEC Nationals

CSMs for BTEC Nationals in Engineering, Unit 2, are available online. You can access these from the qualification page. Link below. 

Level 3 Reforms

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Access information in the link below for Level 3 Reforms and what to expect. 

Level 3 Reforms

Learner Work Transfer for BTEC

We will be using our Learner Work Transfer (LWT) system to manage the uploading of learners’ work for some BTEC Firsts and Nationals in the January 2024 external assessment series. You will no longer be required to upload learner work to SharePoint.

LWT ensures learner data is as protected and secure as possible. It will be familiar to many of you as a system you’ve used for standards verification, for our general qualifications or for the new BTEC Tech Awards.

Find out more about Learner Work Transfer for BTEC.

There is subject-specific guidance for uploading learner work to LWT in each unit’s administrative support guide (ASG). 

Past papers from summer 2023 series

AI Use in Assessments: Protecting the Integrity of Qualifications

On 28 March, JCQ released a document which provides teachers and assessors with the information they need to manage use of AI in assessments. This guidance applies to all our qualifications including vocational qualifications.

Important points to note:

  • centres should explain the importance of students submitting their own independent work
  • centres should ensure that teachers and assessors are familiar with AI tools and their risks
  • centres should consider communications with parents/carers to make them aware of AI
  • students must acknowledge use of AI when used
  • misuse of AI tools is malpractice.

Within the document, there is a list of potential indicators of AI use that may help identify work where students have misused AI.

Read the JCQ AI guidance

BTEC Tech Award in Engineering (2017) - closed for registrations

As you know, in April 2023 the 2017 BTEC Tech Award in Engineering closed for new registrations and centres were informed about this through this communication

The certification end date for this qualification is set at 31 August 2024 which means that the final assessment opportunity for this qualification is in May 2024, with no opportunity to re-sit after this point.

We continue to offer the BTEC First Award in Engineering for centres who wish to continue to offer a L1/2 qualification, though please note this is not on performance tables.

We are also planning to submit our new Tech Award in Engineering for inclusion on the Performance Tables as soon as DFE open the next submission window (expected this winter, for first teaching 2025).


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