July 2022 Engineering update | Pearson qualifications

July 2022 Engineering update

Tue Jul 19 12:11:21 UTC 2022

Welcome to your July update.

In this last update of this academic year, I would like to congratulate you and your learners on their hard-work and achievements in these unprecedented times. I hope that when the term comes to an end, you all enjoy a relaxing and fulfiling break. In this update, you will find useful information to help with upcoming results day, post results period and to get ready for September.

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Getting ready for summer 2022 results days

Read the results day update for BTEC Level 1 to 3 qualifications below. This update will help you get ready for results and access the information you may need on these days. 

Read the Level 1 to 3 results days update

You may wish to check your access rights in your Edexcel Online account so that you can access the information you need on results days.

Results files and their contents are confidential to the Head of Centre, examinations office staff and senior members of the teaching staff at the centre. Therefore, the Edexcel Online ‘Results’ profile is only granted to these roles, as it allows access to results files on Wednesday results days.

To help you analyse your learners' performance in the externally assessed units, please ask to be given ResultsPlus access. For Unit 3 this allows you look at each question in turn to see how your learners achieved. For the set tasks (units 2, 6 and 7) you can get a breakdown of the marks awarded to each Assessment Focus.

You may also wish to ask your Exams Officer to tick 'Exam viewer' in your Edexcel Online profile in case you want to download Unit 3 scripts from results day (having obtained the candidates' consent first).

This page explains which Edexcel Online account options you should have

Updated Specification for BTEC Nationals in Engineering (RQF) for September 2022

As par of our annual qualification review process, amendments have been made to the BTEC Nationals in Engineering specification. These amendments are explained in the update linked below. You can also find the amendments in the initial pages of the specification documents. 

Find out about the amendments and access the updated specification documents

The future of Level 3 qualifications

The information in the link below covers the whole of the post-16 reforms at Level 3 in England. Please see the section ‘What do we know so far?’ for the latest on the provisional list of qualifications that will no longer be funded for 16-19 learners in England, from 2024/25, which was published on 11 May 2022.

Find out about the amendments and access the updated specification documents

We have appealed to 14 qualifications on the list, which we believe should remain eligible for funding for learners in 2024/25. Our appeal includes BTEC Nationals in Engineering and BTEC Specialist Advanced Manufacturing Engineering qualifications. 

List of qualification Pearson has appealed to


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