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January 2024 Engineering update

8 January 2024

Happy new year! 

I hope that you have had a fantastic break over the holidays. Here is your January update to keep you up to date and link you to the information you may require. 

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BTEC Tech Award in Engineering (2017) 

Component 3 February 2024 exam dates

Part Time Duration Window Start Window End
Part 1 Window 2 hours 29/01/2024 01/02/2024
Part 2 Morning 1 hour 30 minutes Exam date: 02/02/2024

Component 3 Teacher Instructions - February 2024

Teacher instructions for February 2024 series exam is available for download under secure tests. This material is gold padlocked and can only be downloaded by exams officers. Teachers should have access to this from the day it is published on the website, so that the experiment can successfully be prepared in the 4 week window, ready for Part 1 of the exam. Access this below:

Teacher instructions under secure tests

BTEC Nationals in Engineering

January 2024 Exam dates:

Unit   Time Duration Exam date  
Unit 1   Morning 2 hours 15/01/2024  
Set Task:          
Unit  Part Time  Duration Window Start Window End
Unit 3 Part A Window 3 hours 11/12/2023 05/01/2024
Unit 3 Part B Window 8 hours 08/01/2024 19/01/2024
Unit 6   Window 12 hours 10/01/2024 24/01/2024

Secure tests for Unit 3 and 6 exam materials - January 2024

Unit 3 Part A and Unit 6 set task papers can be accessed from the secure tests page. These are gold padlocked, so can only be accessed by exams officers. 

Secure tests for BTEC Nationals

Other Level 3 updates

Read more about BTEC Nationals from 2025, what to expect from the new AAQs and access to all available draft specifications. 

BTEC Nationals from 2025

The information in the link below provides an overview of reforms on post-16 level 3 vocational qualifications in England, and what we know so far about what they will mean for you and your post-16 level 3 vocational curriculum.

Level 3 Reforms

BTEC Higher Nationals

Transitioning to HTQs

The 2024 Higher Nationals in Engineering portfolio of RQF qualifications is expanding, with two main changes. Read our FAQs to find out more about what this means for your centre, as well as advice and guidance.

Please note that these changes are only applicable to centres in England.

Transitioning to HTQs


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