December 2021 Engineering update | Pearson qualifications

December 2021 Engineering update

In this last update of 2021 for Engineering, you can access information and reminders on the following topics. 

  • January and February external assessment series.
  • February 2022 series - Teacher instructions for BTEC Tech Award in Engineering Component 3.
  • BTEC Nationals in Engineering (RQF) - Unit 19 AAB update
  • BTEC Tech Award in Engineering (2022) January moderation window.
  • BTEC Tech Award in Engineering (2022) getting started events.
  • Streamlined assessment reporting.
  • BTEC Contingency planning.
  • Protect student choice.
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January and February 2022 external assessment series

Qualification Subject Code Unit Date details
BTEC First Engineering 21174E Unit 9: Interpreting and Using Engineering Information 13/01/2022 AM
21925G Unit 9: Interpreting and Using Engineering Information (W) 13/01/2022 AM
BTEC National Engineering 31706H Unit 1: Engineering Principles 17/01/2022 AM
31708H Unit 3: Engineering Product Design And Manufacture

Part A: 22/11/2021


Part B: 12/01/2021-26/01/2022

Part A: 3 hours scheduled prior to taking Part B.


Part B: 8 hours in 5 consecutive days. 

31725H Unit 6: Microcontroller Systems for Engineers Part S: 06/12/2021 - 26/01/2021 12 hours 
BTEC Tech Award Engineering 21141K Component 3: Responding to an Engineering Brief

Part 1: 07/02/2021 - 10/02/2021

Part 2: 11/02/2021 (am)

Part 1: 2 h

Part 2: 1h30m

February 2022 series - Teacher instructions for BTEC Tech Award in Engineering Component 3

The teacher instructions for BTEC Tech Award in Engineering was published online on 6 December 2022 under secure tests. The document is gold padlocked, meaning that only exams officers can download it. Once downloaded, this can be shared with teachers. 

Teacher instructions are published early to give centres time to prepare for the practical activity. This information must not be shared with students.

Access the secure tests page

BTEC Nationals in Engineering - unit 19 authorised assignment brief update

The authorised assignment brief for Unit 19 LA-B has been updated to match the issue 8 of the specification (Specification was updated to issue 8 in May 2021).

BTEC Tech Award in Egineering (First teach September 2022) updates

January moderation window

We expect to hear from the Department for Education (DfE) in December about the inclusion of the BTEC Tech Awards in the 2024 Performance Tables.

In the meantime, following your feedback, we will be including a January moderation window for our internally assessed components (with the exception of Art and Design). This means you will have two assessment opportunities each year.

We are currently in the process of updating our specifications and support materials. These changes will be reflected in the final published versions once they are approved by DfE for performance tables.

Getting started events

In the new year we’re running a series of free training events to give you an overview of the revised BTEC Tech Awards specifications for first teach September 2022. The sessions will count as 2 hours of CPD.

These events will give you an overview of the course as a whole, alongside assessment and grading. You’ll also have an opportunity to interact with the presenter and ask questions.

Here are the dates and links to book on this event:

13 January 2022 - 16:00-18:00

18 January 2022 - 16:00-18:00

02 March 2022 - 16:00-18:00

Streamlined assessment reporting (BTEC First, Nationals and Specialists in Engineering)

You are now able to report ‘Streamlined’ Assessments on Edexcel Online and we’ve updated our guidance (PDF) to confirm how to do this. This relates to qualifications where one learning aim is permitted to be assessed for one or two internally assessed unit(s). Full teaching and learning must take place. Please ensure you follow the guidance.

Read the guidance document here (PDF | 593 KB)

BTEC Contingency planning

Managing absences in January, February and March 2022 Series

We have created an infographic to guide you in managing absences, in relation to learners taking external assessments.

See the infographic here

Further information on this can be accessed from the VQ bulletin 32 and 34. See link below. 

VQ bulletin blog

protect student choice

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