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BTEC Technical Diploma (Level 2) in Engineering - Unit 1 update

24 January 2018

This update is to highlight the amendments done to the content and wording of Unit 1. Specification document has been updated to reflect these chagnes. 

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The content and wording of Unit 1 has been amended. There is one key change to content which is that nearly all equations used in the calculation based questions will now be given as part of each question. This leaves four equations, such as the area of a rectangle, that will not be given as part of a question, which means that learners may need to recall and apply them during the exam.

There are other minor refinements that have been made to the unit content including:

  • Topic A1 - adding the conversion of SI units and imperial for area and volume. 
  • Topic C1 - adding calculations involving resistors in parallel. 
  • Topic C2 - changing 'lines of force' to 'magnetic field pattern' and adding 'definitions and units', after simple electromagnets. 
  • Topic D1 - adding kinetic energy. 
  • Topic D4 - refining the equations for basic mechanical systems including the removal of the velocity ratio equation.
  • Key words typically used in assessment - adding a new command verb ‘convert’.
The changes to the specification are indicated with a sideline in the document. 

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