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BTEC Nationals in Engineering, Unit 6 Microcontrollers Update to the additional SAM and extra information on the Audio-Visual recording

4 March 2019

Please read the information below about the updated additional SAM for unit 6 and the extra information about the audio-visual recording.

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BTEC Nationals in Engineering: update to the additional SAM information booklet for Unit 6:

The engineering team has updated the additional SAM information booklet, which can be accessed from the qualification page, which contains the following extra information, applicable to 1906 live papers.

“For lower level programming languages, such as ‘C’, learners can also be given a list of common commands / instructions. The list must only cover the syntax of the commands/instructions. For example, the list may include: ‘if (x<5){ } else { }’.

Learners must not have access to the internet during the task.”

Extra information for the audio-visual recording of the system in operation

Part of the externally-set task is for each learner to produce an audio-visual recording of their system in operation. The recording does not have to be part of the 12 hours allocated for the supervised assessment period, but it must be completed within the Pearson set period. If a learner finishes the task in less than 12 hours then they should record their system in operation and the recording can be restarted to improve the quality of the evidence, but each learner must only submit one recording.

Learners who are working until the end of the supervised period must stop all development activities after 12 hours duration. Centres must organise any outstanding recordings to take place as soon as possible after the end of the session (given possible equipment constraints). In this situation, learners cannot continue to work on their prototype system and must only make one recording, even if it includes 'false-starts'.

The audio-visual recording must be made under controlled conditions. It must be a complete, unedited recording of each learner's system in operation. The recordings and learner's electronic task booklet / the physical storage devices must be safely stored e.g. in the exams office, until it is time to submit the work to the examiner.

The audio-visual equipment must be positioned to ensure that the best possible quality and unobstructed recording is made of the prototype system in operation. You must ensure that any electronic devices used e.g. LEDs and LCD displays, monitor screens and the learner's centre and candidate number are clearly picked up by the audio-visual equipment.

Learners should produce and deliver all recordings on their own. Due to the nature of the task, it is not permitted that they complete the task with a partner or in a small group. Teachers are not permitted to question, prompt or assist the learner. The length of the recording should be within the maximum 3 minutes duration allowed and any recordings that are substantially longer than this may not attract the full range of marks.


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