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BTEC National Engineering (RQF) Specification Update - Issue 4

5 December 2017

This update is to inform you about the recent changes to the BTEC National Engineering (RQF) Specifications and the sample assessment material(SAM) for Unit 1: Engineering Principles.

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Changes to Unit 1: Engineering Principles

There is one key change to unit content; specifically that Topic D2 Thermodynamic systems has been removed. This means that you no longer need to teach that topic. You should be aware that five minor clarifications have also been made to the specification, which are sidelined and summarised in the table within the front of the specification.

SAMs are intended to provide a guide as to how the content in the specification is likely to be assessed in the examination. An updated version of the SAM has been produced to illustrate the kinds of different approaches that might be taken in live assessments, including:

  • the three Sections have been simplified and are: Section A - Applied Mathematics; Section B - Mechanical Principles; and Section C - Electrical / Electronic Principles. Section C no longer targets synopticity as a discrete element
  • mark schemes demonstrate how partial achievement may be credited to better reward learner’s hard work
  • the number of calculation questions has been reduced
  • some multi-stage calculation questions have been divided into sub-parts
  • there has been a reduction in the amount of reading required. 

These changes apply with immediate effect and will apply to the January 2018 series onwards.

Please check the new specifications from the course materials and go through the changes highlighted within the front pages of the specifications. In addition, please revise the SAM and the mark scheme within to get familiar with the updates. 

If you need any further information on these, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


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