Assessment windows for Unit 6 - BTEC Nationals (RQF) in Engineering

5 December 2018

BTEC Nationals in Engineering, unit 6 will have two assessment windows from January 2020. 

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BTEC Nationals in Engineering (RQF) Unit 6 currently has one assessment opportunity in Summer series. Following on from the feedback we received, we are now pleased to say that there will be an additional assessment opportunity in January series from January 2020.

This means that from January 2020, there will be two assessment opportunities for Unit 6 in the academic year. The exam timetables that will be published for 2020 will include the dates for these sittings accordingly.  





Summer 2019

23/04/2019 (release date)


January 2020

Date TBC


Summer 2020

Date TBC

We hope that this will be welcomed by Engineering colleagues delivering this unit.


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